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No Training 24th or 31st December. Back 7th January!

Men & Women's training will pause over the Christmas period, with no sessions 24th or 31st December. See you all Wednesday 7th January!


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Runner's Up in the Kriss Dreimanis Plate Cup

Well done to everyone involved in the season opener, renamed this year to honour Kriss Dreimanis. Medusa won Runner's Up in the Plate Cup!


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EVA Video Clips

The links will take you to a main information page on the tournament, with a column down the left hand side taking you to the clips.


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Shirts at Printers

The latest batch of shirts are at the printers for those who ordered them, available on Wednesday, they'll be ready for the next league matches.


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Social Update

Curry Night ends with knockout pool.


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Development Update

Medusa win inaugural Development League.


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Hellos and Goodbyes

It’s a hello to Barbara and a goodbye to Daniel.


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Regional Update

Medusa Men cement position, Ladies improve Eastern Region.


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Medusa Men & Women's teams won all of their matches!

Medusa Women won all 6 sets of their matches on Friday in the Local League and Medusa Men won all 9 sets of theirs. Well done!


First match of the new season!

First up in the 2014/15 season is our Mixed team. Good luck!


Club Meal

After all the trainings we have this year, lets have those calories back on:)


House Party

If you are around and fancy doing something between Christmas and New Year that doesn't involve Turkey or your families then please come along


Ideas for next Social

Don’t forget to let Selmi know if you’ve any ideas for our next social.


Reminder Curry Night 4th Dec

Don’t forget to let Selmi know if you’re attending the Curry on Saturday.



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Medusa Web Solutions

Medusa Web Solutions is a software development and consultancy company based in Norwich. We specialise in increasing business performance by 'e-Enabling' companies and creating effective and simplified IT solutions.

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CentreSolutions approach is to move beyond consultancy to become your Guide and Trusted Advisor. They work with a blend of consulting, subject matter expertise, facilitation, mentoring and coaching skills.

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Committee Portraits

Mac Yip (Chairman 2009-)

Mac joined the club in 2003 as an experienced player playing in both the men's and mixed teams as an outside or middle hitter depending upon team need.

He is keen to bring additional players into the club and develop them with his particular focus being on the future development of our ladies section.

Tony Grier (Treasurer 2008-)

Tony founded North Norfolk Knights VC on his return from University in 1993, captaining the club through its early years and has played for all club teams since that point as setter, off-setter and reverse hitter.

Following the development of a number of players in the past two seasons he and Mac have taken more of a coaching role in the mixed team to allow court time for our newer players to allow him to focus what little energy he has left into the men's and regional teams.

Kim Doran (Secretary 2008-)

Kim joined the club as a complete beginner in 2004 and has trained hard to develop and become a regular player in the mixed team. She also plays at regional level.

Kim is very keen to get sufficient ladies at the club to allow us to field a ladies team in the regional league and develop a second mixed team to play locally.

As well as being responsible for the mundane minuting of committee meetings Kim is the prime organiser of club social events and summer tournaments which makes her a very important part of the club!

Jose Maria Mateo de Cabellos (Club Captain 2008-)

Thankfully for the sake of meaningful calls on court known universally as Chema our captain joined the club as an experienced player in 2004.

Like most of the more experienced players Chema has played in a number of positions for all club teams. Since 2007 he has moved away from the mixed team to allow others to develop.

He has been invaluable in club trips to Spain to prevent non-Spanish speakers from starving to death or starting an international incident.

Richard Garnett (Head Coach 2007-)

Richard came to the club as the captain of Clangers VC and an experienced league player. As well as being the club coach Richard has captained the club and played for the men's and Regional teams.

Richard has chosen to focus on his coaching and no longer plays at local level but continues to represent the club at regional level.

Richard has been the main reason for the development of the club in recent seasons and it is his drive that has led to the current healthy membership and the successful development of so many players.

Selmi Anjos (Social Secretary 2010-)

Selmi has become the first club Social Secretary. Up to 2010 the non-volleyball activity was very adhoc and getting everyone together was hit and miss, not to say we didn't enjoy ourselves. Selmi has come along and given a focus, making sure everyone knows what's happening ... and reminding them ... again ... and again.

Ex-Committee Members/Captains

Trevor Hall (Chairman 2008-09)

Trevor joined the club from another local team as part of the foundation of NNK Aviva and represented the club for every subsequent season. As his limbs started to creak through years of abuse as a middle hitter in more recent seasons he has moved to libero, a position suited to his preference for spending as much time as possible in the prone position.

Trevor was the men's team captain for a number of seasons before passing on the mantle to Chema.

He resigned from the committee in 2009 as a result of relocating to London although he still guests for the club at Regional matches and provides a cameo appearance at most social events.

Paul Howlett (Founder Member)

Paul was a founder member of North Norfolk Knights and captained the men's team for a couple of seasons in the mid-1990's. He continued to play as setter up until 2007 and remains a keen club member.

Despite not playing a great deal since 2007 due to a series of injuries he remains a club member although one whose priorities have changed to the social rather than playing competitively.

Carly Pope (Captain)

Carly was the first lady to captain the club's mixed team and she managed to lead the team to the league title in her first season as captain.

Carly ceased playing for the club in 2008 following her relocation to London although she still plays with the club at summer tournaments when fitness allows.